Question to year 7 students: Do you think mindfulness should be taught at schools?

“Absolutely! It teaches students to have a positive perspective on life and is extremely beneficial. It helps with the student’s well-being and how life is not perfect”.

“I think it should as it helps build student teacher relationships and helps students to learn”.

“It allowed us to relax and reach out to find our struggles…we could understand what was happening and assess the situation”.

From a Parent

"Emma is a marvel. A more sincere, honest and compassionate person you will not meet. She is passionate about mindfulness and has the skills, intuition and warmth to bring these vital techniques to adults and students alike. Her expertise and ability to teach, talk and listen at the level of her students and clients is wonderful. I highly recommend this service and this exceptional woman". 

- Orla O'Leary

From a Teacher

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the mindfulness lesson today with year 7. I felt that you engaged with the class extremely well and they were very focused on the lesson. The resources were great, and the situational games and activities were really engaging. I particularly enjoyed the meditation activity; I don't know if it was your voice and cadence or what it was? but I felt really relaxed after the session. So thank you."