Our Story

Founded in 2017 Mind Set Grow was built on the belief that all children benefit from building the ability to identify and manage their emotions in mindful ways. 

Our curriculum is based on the powerfully successful Mindful classroom program developed at MIT in the USA. Today, the Mindful Classroom course is embedded in over 1000 US and Scandinavian schools from K to 12 and is now available in Australia through Mind Set Grow.

Black Dog institute recently released statistics around the mental health of young people. The research found that 1 in 7 primary aged children will experience a mental health illness as will 1 in 4 secondary students.  

Schools around the world are turning to mindfulness as a tool to help address the alarming rise in stress, anxiety, emotional dysregulation and attention deficit in young people.

Research into school systems that have adopted mindfulness techniques find that students and teachers are happier, more focused, emotionally regulated and less affected by stress.


Our mission is to provide  Australian children with a toolkit to manage the challenges they face growing up in our modern world with calmness, confidence and emotional intelligence using mindfulness techniques.