Teacher's Personal Development Program


We come to your school to deliver mindfulness professional development sessions that are both informative and provide practical tools for teachers and educators. These training sessions teach staff about mindfulness, meditation and heartfulness to enable you to support the children in your care and create quality learning environments.

During a professional development session you will learn about mindfulness techniques, science behind itand their benefits, tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily practise and ways to be improve your wellbeing and productivity at work. 

Sessions can run from 1 - 3 hours depending on the depth of knowledge and skills that you would like your staff to learn.

*Please note that personal knowledge and practise of mindfulness is essential for you to be an effective and understanding teacher of mindfulness in your classroom. 

An introduction to Mindfulness Benefits to you and your students Techniques to implement in the classroomEmotions and sensesTeachers Manual

To find out more about our program, email us at emma@mindsetgrow.com.au