Mindful Exams Program

Examination time is a uniquely stressful time for young people and families.

Our Mind Set Grow Mindful Exams Program provides students with a range of tools and techniques from stress busting to planning a balanced and healthy study routine.

The Mindful Exams program is an introduction to basic mindful techniques that can help HSC students from study to the exam itself.

Who would this benefit:

The workshop is aimed for students who are preparing for their HSC. If your child is feeling stressed and overwhelmed about upcoming exams then this workshop is for them.

What will be covered over a 2 hour workshop:

Module 1: Stress Busting:
Understanding how our brain deals with pressure and why it’s not something to be afraid of.

Module 2: Study Buddy:

How a clear mind leads to better learning, overcoming anxiety and planning a balanced study schedule.

Module 3: The Big Day:

Designing your own calming routine and techniques to calm nerves when students sit exams.

Also included is:

• Morning tea
• Mind Set Grow journal notebook
• Mind Set Grow workbook

To do our best we need to feel our best. Join us as we show you how mindfulness can help you calmly tackle the HSC.

1. Makers Loft - Art & Craft Studio
205 Ernest Street
Cammeray NSW 2062
(On street parking is available out the front of Maker's loft on Ernest St. from 10am to 4pm & 6pm onwards. Alternative parking can be found on Anzac Ave and Lytton St.)

2. North Sydney Community Centre Teen Pop
246 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060