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Our mission is to provide Australian children with the tools to manage the challenges they face growing up in our modern world with calmness, confidence and emotional intelligence using mindfulness techniques...


How Our Program Helps Students

Introducing our

Mindful Programs

Primary to High School Transition

Mindful Exams

Mindful Schools

Mindful Primary to High School Transition Program

Suitable for Year 6 and 7 children

Small class environment

Workshops available outside of school

Transition to Year 7 can be difficult for some

Learn how to cope and manage anxiety of big school

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Mindful Exams Program

Suitable for any student finding exams and assessments overwheming and stressful

2 hour program outside of school hours

Learn to stress bust and overcome anxiety

How to prepare for the big day

Understand the journey and not just the day

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Mindful Schools Program

Designed to compliment existing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in schools

Bespoke program tailored to busy needs of your school

15 minutes daily

6-8 weeks

Teacher's aid and materials provided

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What students and educators say about Mind Set Grow



We all want our children to thrive today and into the future, but sometimes they don't know how. The Mind Set Grow program is based on the proven program by Mindful Schools in the USA since 2007. Our facilitator is trained and certified by Mindful Schools and has developed a mindfulness curriculum that is designed to be easily integrated into the rhythm of every school day for Australia.

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Emma O'Toole

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m the founder of Mind Set Grow. 

As a child I struggled with anxiety which continued into early adulthood. Then I discovered Mindfulness and it was the one treatment that really helped me to manage my anxiety. 

Today I am passionate about empowering students with mindfulness techniques to help young people to manage anxiety and show them we can all rewrite the stories we tell ourselves.

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